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That’s just nasty!

Rotten office fridge cleanup sends 7 to hospital

SAN JOSE, Calif. – An office worker cleaning a fridge full of rotten food created a smell so noxious that it sent seven co-workers to the hospital and made many others ill. Firefighters had to evacuate the AT&T building in downtown San Jose on Tuesday, after the flagrant fumes prompted someone to call 911. A hazmat team was called in.

What they found was an unplugged refrigerator that had been crammed with moldy food.

Authorities said an enterprising office worker had decided to clean it out, placing the food in a conference room while using two cleaning chemicals to scrub down the mess. The mixture of old lunches and disinfectant caused 28 people to need treatment for vomiting and nausea.

Authorities said the worker who cleaned the fridge didn’t need treatment — she can’t smell because of allergies.

Associated Press

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Urban Dictionary

Yeah! Urban Dictionary published my submissions! Check them out below!

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“COL” from Urban Dictionary


Cat on lap. Used as your reason for not being able to do something b/c it will disturb the cat.

Wife: Honey, can you get me a soda from the fridge?
Husband: Why can’t you?
Wife: I’m COL
Husband: Oh, okay.

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“Pet Whipped” from Urban Dictionary

Pet Whipped

One who does everything for the benefit of their pet. Someone who places their pet’s needs or desires (real or not) above others. One who acts as a servant to their pet.

I had to dump that girl. The dog got better treatment than me. She’s totally pet whipped.

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