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Too Good Not To Post

From Letters From the Heart

Dear CS Rep,

You may remember me, or not…..Anyway, today I called your company to request the pay-off amount on my loan. When I requested this amount, you replied with, “May I ask why you are paying off your loan?”. I wanted to say, “no you may not.”. I was so caught off-guard by your stupid question that all I could stutter was, “because I don’t want to owe it anymore.”. Then you kept putting me on hold. I don’t pay interest by the minute, so no big financial concern-just kinda annoying. I’m sorry I kept having you repeat yourself. I called from a cell phone (my mistake) and you’re clearly in India (my lenders mistake). I have a hard time with poor cell coverage & foreign accents. We ended the cal fairly awkward. I said, “thanks! That’s all I needed today.” You replied, “may I help you with anything else?”. I answered, “um…no…that’s all I needed.” You said, “ok.”. I said, “ok bye now.” Then there was awkward silence…..so I ended the call. I did think of something else though- can you explain to me any other reason one would want to pay off a loan (other than not wanting to owe it & having the funds to pay it off)?


Mia Payer

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