Ewwww What Is That?

If I'm pretentious, then I'm important enough to know this already.


If I was dumb and didn’t know they double lights in this pic are from my flash, I’d be freaked out right now!


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Wash your sheets

Ew wash your sheets. Why is there a used tissue in your bed. That is just nasty. How do we share a mother? I know she taught her better than this.


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WTF Is On His Face?

oh….that IS his face…..

my bad

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Name Fail!

Name Fail

I want a used one.

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Mmmmmm My Favorite!

WTF is toasted chee? Wikipedia says a chee are “a fictional race of androids created by the extinct Pemalites….” (http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chee

Maybe they don’t exist b/c we pretended to kill them all so we could toast them?

Maybe they were harvested b/c they are orange and “taste” like cheese….

All I know is, I don’t prefer to eat peanut butter with cheese or “cheese” flavored anything!


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Filling the Vending Machine

My coworker and I had the joy of refilling the vending machine. Um…..who the fark eats “strawberried peanut butter m&ms?” That sounds disgusting. How is something “strawberried?” Trust me, Rodgers, Mulva, Assface, and others are plenty fat enough! They don’t need this option.


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Vietnam Veteran Keeps Vow, Eats 40-Year-Old Cake

Vietnam Veteran Keeps Vow, Eats 40-Year-Old Cake

WASHINGTON —  Forty years later, Henry A. Moak, Jr., still loves his pound cake.

Col. Henry A. Moak Jr. digs in to an Army ration pound cake from 1973 at his retirement party.

The Army colonel popped open an old military ‘C’ Ration can of pound cake from 1969 at his retirement ceremony, and dug in.

Moak got the drab olive can as a Marine helicopter pilot off the Vietnamese coast in 1973. He vowed to hang on to it until the day he retired, storing it in a box with other mementos.

After a formal retirement ceremony, dozens of friends and relatives joined Moak in the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes as he opened the can to cheers. Moak joked earlier this week that he hoped the can wouldn’t explode. It let off a whooshing sound as the pressure seal broke.

“It smells good,” Moak said as he put a handful in his mouth. He jokingly staggered back a few feet and loudly cleared his throat, while one person yelled out, “Eeww, gross!”

Click here to read the rest of the story at Foxnews.com

Thank you to Mr. Henry A. Moak Jr. for his service to our country!

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Buggy Love

Look! It loves her! A secret admirer has a crush on my sisters arm! How sweet. Too bad it had to die.


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Who Would Buy That?


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Poison Ivy

Apparently, I am still highly allergic/sensitive to poison ivy. You are correct, it causes open sores on me. Thank God I caught it in time, this time. The last time I had a reaction, it went systemic. Just so you know, a systemic reaction to poison ivy is f’n miserable!


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