Ewwww What Is That?

If I'm pretentious, then I'm important enough to know this already.


I got this marketing piece in the mail today. What the hell is a merch?


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Are we that cheap?

Of the 6 legs, 4 of them have something wadded up and shoved underneath them to keep them from wobblying. Are we so cheap, we can’t just buy a new table? Geeze, loosen the purse strings!


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Maybe I’m an F’n Moron

Maybe I’ve been wrong all these years. Maybe I’m the f’n moron and my cowokers are geniuses. This the only explanation I have for why I’m the only one who can write, what I thought, was a complete and proper sentence. Maybe double negatives, incomplete run-on sentences, and made-up words are grammatically correct. Simple sentences are for dumbasses like myself. It’s too bad I went to school and spent all that tuition money, only to learn the wrong crap. Today brought with it the joys of reading this sentence: “I went to my manager and asked called REDACTED and verified funds and it was not available.”. When I asked the employee to resubmit the form with this and other corrections made, she asked, “Why what’s wrong with it?” It doesn’t make sense and manages to be an incomplete run-on sentences you idiot. I really do work with some of the dumbest people to ever survive past 5 years old.

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Hell and burnt hair

I swear, 90% of my co workers are cold because they are so fat & sedentary their blood doesn’t circulate. It’s 10:30 in the morning and the office is already 77 degrees. It rose from 75 despite my two fans blowing….constantly. This is why this place smells musty. The rest of us run around in clothing that violates the dress code in an attempt to stay comfortable…..and avoid heat stroke. My office has no windows. I sit in the middle of our small, 1 story building. The rest of the building is even hotter. Yeah. My office temp will rise above 80 before I leave today. Do you know what 20 fatties, sweltering in heat smell like? Hell. That’s what. Hell and burnt hair.


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What a horrible job!

This job stinks

This job stinks

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Bad Manners = Ew= FAIL

Perky Co worker: I can have some creamer.
Confused me: um……congratulations?
Perky Co worker: no, I can have some of your creamer?
Still confused me: Says who?
Not so perky co worker: you know what I’m asking.
Not so perky co worker walks off w/o creamer. 🙂
Poor grammar aside, learn how to ask a question.

Bad manners = Ew = FAIL

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