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Halloween Poll


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Whoever thinks of this stuff is disturbed

Apparently, some disturbed person thought “hey, I wonder if animal placenta is good for your hair?”. That is an idea the rest of us would have let go, the minute it crossed our minds (and we started gagging). It’s like the people that said, hey let’s make lipstick shiny by putting fish scales in it. Why? Because fish scales are shiny or whatever it was they were going for. If I was in that brainstorming session, I’d be the first to say, “yeah fish scale are shiny and gross I’m sure there are plenty of other viable options like shiny plant leaves and crystals.”. Or, how about the weirdo that decided to see if bird poop made a good facial. I refuse to believe that any type of fecal matter creates a good facial product. I get that maybe it’s given a scientific and professional thought such as the chemical make up of the substance or it’s the most financially feasible way to provide this benefit to the public. But you know, at the end of it all, bird shit is still shit and animal placenta is still a gooey blob of mucous, membranes, and tissue. Mostly, there both still icky!

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