Ewwww What Is That?

If I'm pretentious, then I'm important enough to know this already.

A little e coli with your dinner?

Ew. They could wipe that off. That’s f’n nasty.



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Needle Marks

The phlebotomist totally left needle marks on my arm! At least it isn’t too bad. I’ve had better. I’ve had waaaaay worse. I’ll only look like a first time junkie for a little while today.


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Why would you leave this in the sink? And no, it was not left by a kid. It was left by a grown man. Ew ew ew


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Wash your sheets

Ew wash your sheets. Why is there a used tissue in your bed. That is just nasty. How do we share a mother? I know she taught her better than this.


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Chocolate, blood, or cat poop?

I noticed this on the bed just now. Ew! At first, I thought, “Great, one of the cats got sh!t on the bed! Argggg!” Then I remembered, I cut too low on one of Hunter’s nails (1 of our cats) – maybe she got blood on the sheet. I called Ben in to investigate. We determined, it’s not from a cat. Don’t ask how we determined this….anyway…… I forgot, I had a chocolate chip granola bar! It’s a melted chip. Now I feel like a total fatty!


And yes, we have gold colored sheets.  That’s because we’re claaaaaaassy.

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