Ewwww What Is That?

If I'm pretentious, then I'm important enough to know this already.



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If I was dumb and didn’t know they double lights in this pic are from my flash, I’d be freaked out right now!


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I Can See Your Lunch

Ew kitty! I Brush your teef!


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Funny Books (Titles)

Cooking With Kids
(isn’t that illegal?)
funny book title

Cock Coloring Book
funny book title

Dancing With Cats
For the future old cat-ladies of the world
funny book title

Knitting With Dog Hair
For the future old not-a-cat-person ladies of the world
funny book title

English As A Second F*cking Language
oooooooo I’m telling moooooooom
funny book title

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Chocolate, blood, or cat poop?

I noticed this on the bed just now. Ew! At first, I thought, “Great, one of the cats got sh!t on the bed! Argggg!” Then I remembered, I cut too low on one of Hunter’s nails (1 of our cats) – maybe she got blood on the sheet. I called Ben in to investigate. We determined, it’s not from a cat. Don’t ask how we determined this….anyway…… I forgot, I had a chocolate chip granola bar! It’s a melted chip. Now I feel like a total fatty!


And yes, we have gold colored sheets.  That’s because we’re claaaaaaassy.

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“COL” from Urban Dictionary


Cat on lap. Used as your reason for not being able to do something b/c it will disturb the cat.

Wife: Honey, can you get me a soda from the fridge?
Husband: Why can’t you?
Wife: I’m COL
Husband: Oh, okay.

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“Pet Whipped” from Urban Dictionary

Pet Whipped

One who does everything for the benefit of their pet. Someone who places their pet’s needs or desires (real or not) above others. One who acts as a servant to their pet.

I had to dump that girl. The dog got better treatment than me. She’s totally pet whipped.

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