Ewwww What Is That?

If I'm pretentious, then I'm important enough to know this already.

And Then She Had Peaches Coming Out of Her Nose

Apparently, even the worlds cutest baby has EW moments.

The next thing I know she has gone exorcist on me and there is peaches and formula all over her, me, and the floor. Nice. I get us and the floor cleaned up and continue. She decides that she wants the rest of the bottle. So she finishes and goes right to sleep. No worries, right? Wrong. At about 10:30pm I hear her stir. She fusses for a second. Then I hear her sneeze, no kidding, 8 times. Then I hear her screaming. I go bolting up the stairs. I swear I haven’t run that fast in years. I get to her room and find a sweet little girl crying with peaches coming out of her nose. Poor thing had sneezed and thrown up at the same time. Needless to say, she slept in mommies room last night and mommy is nixing the peaches from now on.

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