Ewwww What Is That?

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And That’s Her Good Side!

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WTF Is On His Face?

oh….that IS his face…..

my bad

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An Apple Through A Chicken-wire Fence


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Big Hair Big Ugly


That's fine if you want to torture yourself, but leave the child out of it.....

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Ugly Baby!!!!


GOO those are some BIG ears!

According to the Routan Babymaker 3000 this is the hideous thing I would birth if my husband and I reproduced.  Good night that is an ugly baby!  I’d be one of those moms that always has a hat on their kid to hide the ugly and the ears!

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Star Nosed Mole…..



This is just plain ugly and creepy.  If it showed up in my yard I ‘d totally beat it with the shovel until it died. It has friggin talons!

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Motivational Pictures

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That’s Enough Lisa

According to Lisa Rinna, in a recent interview w/ Nancy O’dell, she wanted hideous lips since she was a child.
“Back 23 years ago I saw Beaches the movie & Barbara Hershey went and had collagen put in her lips and we thought that, that was- as silly as it may sound- the coolest thing ever!”
(Lisa Rinna, to Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’dell)
1) Let’s not kid ourselves Lisa, 23 years ago? You expect us to believe that? Try 33 years ago.
2) Really? Mr. Potatohead lips look cool?
3) Ew. You look like a bee stung you.

Also ew, Rinna goes on to say, instead of using collagen (b/c that isn’t permanent) she had silicon put in her lips. She gave her lips a boob job. Classy. To make sure her fake boob lips stay soft, she has to use cortisone cream b/c scar tissue develops around the silicon. Wow Lisa, your husband is, er, a lucky man.
She likens her boob-lips to getting a tattoo b/c tat’s are permanent. Well, yes they are (kinda). You can fade tattoos or have them removed w/o losing/damaging part of your face (unless you were awesome enough to get your ex’s name tatted on your forehead). And oh yeah Lisa, you’re an entertainer. Your face is kinda important to your job.

Ew.......They don't even look like lips.

Ew.......They don't even look like lips.

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You Should Be Ashamed

This is just ugly. These models work hard at not eating so they can look skinny. Not only did you make them fat with your ugly clothes, you made them ugly with your ugly make-up. Shame on you.



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